I'm moving in....
I might be 1hotty but...
I'm a 5'6, blonde,green eyed hotty.If you haven't
figered it out I'm female.I'm looking to talk to
some people that can be adults with a good since
of humor.If your one of those people I'd like to
talk.It doesn't matter male or female.Ijust like
to meet peole from all over.

My Life
I'm pregnet at the time and inlove with the fact
I'm very much inlove with the father of my baby.
That's as personal as I'll get.I'm still in high
My Intrests
My interests:
  • Books/Magazines
  • Comedy
  • Dance/Theatre
  • Fashion
  • Movies/TV
  • Music: Dance Music
  • Music: R and B, Soul
  • Music: Rock and Pop
  • Sports: Basketball
  • Travel

Favourite links

Steven is so hot

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